Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center

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New walking path and ramps

At Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center we are aware that during the first years of schooling children form attitudes about themselves, other people and the learning environment. Our mission is to create a school climate that is relaxed, flexible and structured for success so all our children develop a lifelong love for learning.

Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center is a modern facility where your child will feel right at home. We provide a welcoming, safe and fun filled atmosphere for your children. We provide quality care through our experienced staff each with many years of training and experience in the field of childcare. We are proud of out staff because of their calmness and experience in child management. Praise and encouragement are the primary tools for rewarding good behavior in your children. No doubt your child will always feel happy and relaxed here.

We educate your children through expressive and creative play, using a variety of equipment and actives. We encourage healthy eating habits and environmental awareness.

Being parents ourselves, we the owners of Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center pay great attention not only to the quality of your children’s education but also to the environment in which they are brought up in. We believe that we have the best staff and kids here at Kiddie Kollege Early Learning Center. We operate from a spacious facility and your children have access to some of the most modern facilities that allow for indoor and outdoor games. We are licensed to provide care for children 6 week to 12 years old.